Last words

These are my last words……….AS A NINE YEAR OLD! Tuesday is my birthday but the thing is, I will be camping Monday-Tuesday so I can’t post until Tuesday night! I will be turning 10. Speaking of parties, a friend of mine gave me a awesome mascot for our blog! It is a stuffed llama! She is going caamping with me. I will show you guys our mascot on Tuesday! The thing is, our mascot does not yet have a name so in the comments, post some names for her! She is brown and white and is a girl so let the names begin! The name I chose will be revieled on Tuesday as well as her picture! So look for that special anoncement!


P.S. If the name I chose is yours, you get to post to me what the next topic should be!


Secrets and when you should keep them

This is a diary.
You probably have one. Some secrets are meant to stay in a diary untill about 8th grade. Thats when my mom says you know who your real friends are. I know you think you have super close friends but you should wait still. Friends start to  tend to turn their back on you in 6th grade so wait for a while. This is important advice that I wish I had known earlier. I have always kept a diary and whenever I have a crush or just REALLY hate someone, I write in it. Here is a VERY important quote:”Words hurt more then actions”. Some say it is because you can forget about someone hitting you but you WILL NOT forget them saying”I hate you”.So always rember,”Words hurt more then actions”.

Here are some online websites you can try:

Rememeber to try theese sites!       From, Llama



I love sortball so much. It is very enjoyable. I play it at South Charlotte. It is so fun even though I am not very good. I get a few hits and cacth a few balls. But anyway, I love it! I think we have a game on thursday but our schedule is getting changed a lot because of the weather. (Very mean weather) We are in the tournement but if we loose, we are done for the season! I really hope we win. Wish us luck!

Weekly interviews

interveiwI am going to start doing weekly interviews. Here is my first one.

This week is…. A.J

Favorite color:Blue

Favorite animal: puppy

Quote: Don’t wait for the perfect moment Go find a moment and make it perfect.

State: Colorado

Favorite mythocal creature: unicorn

A.J says that life is what YOU make it!


Who are you voting for? Is it Trump, Hillary, Bernie, Cruz, or anyone else?! In the coments, say who you wan’t to win. And please do NOT be mean to others by who they want. Also say who you do not want.


Do not want:DONALD TRUMP


Here is a video!