Hang-out rules

yes they can


I have had a comlaint from K.C, a friend of mine. At a Hang-out, Her friends where not following some GOLDEN RULES! I will share thoose rules now.

  1. Don’t play on technology when a friend is over if they do not have technolohy themselves and WANT to use/play on it.
  2. If you are the guest, respect your friends house’s rules
  3. Include EVERYONE who wants to play if you are playing a game. Leaving someone out is mean.
  4. Do not talk about what you played at your other friends house last weekend. Just play and talk about the present.
  5. Be as nice as possible to the friend. You do not want to hurt their feelings at a play date
  6. Most important, HAVE FUN!


Please follow theese rules to have the best hang-out ever!

Thant you, Llama!


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