Sing like you mean it!

I am a singer!

I love to sing all the time! The people who know me know that like the back of their hand. My friend I.L is a big singer too! We are both singing at our schools cardboard challenge because we made a band out of card board. Taylor swift is the person I look up to. She is kind and writes great, amazing, awesome songs! All singers should look up her! Back to me, Singing CAN be a sport if you make it. It takes a team, practice, and risks, just like a sport. If you tryed every sport but not singing, you are missing something. Music is a art. Its creative, fun, and can express feelings. Singing can be easy if you make it. My friend M.F loves “Mumford and Sons”! She is not a big fan of singing from what I know but sings and memorizes all of “Mumford and Sons” and is not afraid to sing them. Singing is special in so many ways. It is diffrent to everyone! Some think it is to express, some think it is telling a story, some think it is like poetry. There is no wrong answer! Comment what you think music/singing is to you!


Sincerly,  Llama


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