First Post!


EPSON DSC picture

Are you excited?


I so am! On my blog there will be pictures, facts, videos, and A LOT more! I am 9 years old soon to be 10! And if you know me then please do not call me by my real name! I have two dogs and five chickens! And please, no bad words or pictures that are… you know what I mean! I will send pictures of where I am and type about what I am doing! Please comment or ask what you want to hear. If you have a problem with friends or family,tell me. I may be a only child but that does not mean I do not have BFF problems! You can call me Llama or LL!(Laughing Llama!)And in the comments please do not type BIG stories or stories at all. No offense but this is MY blog and not anyone else’s. I will post at LEAST once a week SOMETIMES everyday but do not get your hopes up!

Thank you,Llama



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