In class we are learning about the blues song genre. Blues was created by African American slaves. It was to communicate and to express feelings to each other. When the African American slaves were free, they spread there music around the world. My music teacher says that there would be no song genres without blues. No pop,rock,bluegrass, or anything! As a music lover, I thought this would be a cool thing to talk about. All music lovers should be VERY thankful for Blues. It is the base of music!



Gorillas are amazing creatures. They are wonderful and smart.  At the zoo I love to see them. Don’t hurt them. They are special. They are endangered. This website is to protect them. If you are on this website, please do what you can to save gorillas.

Thank yougorillas

Hang-out rules

yes they can


I have had a comlaint from K.C, a friend of mine. At a Hang-out, Her friends where not following some GOLDEN RULES! I will share thoose rules now.

  1. Don’t play on technology when a friend is over if they do not have technolohy themselves and WANT to use/play on it.
  2. If you are the guest, respect your friends house’s rules
  3. Include EVERYONE who wants to play if you are playing a game. Leaving someone out is mean.
  4. Do not talk about what you played at your other friends house last weekend. Just play and talk about the present.
  5. Be as nice as possible to the friend. You do not want to hurt their feelings at a play date
  6. Most important, HAVE FUN!


Please follow theese rules to have the best hang-out ever!

Thant you, Llama!


This is my top 10 reading books some of you may like!

  1. Harry Potter series 
  2. Land of stories 
  3. Half upon a time series 
  4. Monstrous 
  5. Bliss
  6. League of the beastly dreadfuls 
  7. Mr. Lemonchellos library
  8. Where the sidewalk ends
  9. Counting by sevens
  10. Hogwarts Library

I hope you try some of the books I have read. If you read them and like them, tell me all about it!

Mumford and Sons


The Mumford and sons concert was SUPER fun! I had a great time! The lights where amazing and the songs where great! The crowd went wild when the song “I will wait” came on. Everyone started singing and people stood up the whole time. I got a necklace with there logo on it. If you went, please comment how you felt it was!

Thank you,  Llama!!!!!  🙂 🙂 🙂

Sing like you mean it!

I am a singer!

I love to sing all the time! The people who know me know that like the back of their hand. My friend I.L is a big singer too! We are both singing at our schools cardboard challenge because we made a band out of card board. Taylor swift is the person I look up to. She is kind and writes great, amazing, awesome songs! All singers should look up her! Back to me, Singing CAN be a sport if you make it. It takes a team, practice, and risks, just like a sport. If you tryed every sport but not singing, you are missing something. Music is a art. Its creative, fun, and can express feelings. Singing can be easy if you make it. My friend M.F loves “Mumford and Sons”! She is not a big fan of singing from what I know but sings and memorizes all of “Mumford and Sons” and is not afraid to sing them. Singing is special in so many ways. It is diffrent to everyone! Some think it is to express, some think it is telling a story, some think it is like poetry. There is no wrong answer! Comment what you think music/singing is to you!


Sincerly,  Llama

Family is everything!

polor bear

I know when I am coming home from school or I am finishing a post, family is waiting for me. As I said in my first post, I am a only child. But I have 2 dogs, 5 chickens and a bunny whiter then snow and clouds. Just as fluffy. Family may be hard and it goes up and down a lot, it is the most important thing in life. More expensive then money and more popular then any tech. It is more famous then a president and every singer, dancer, or rapper put together. Take care of it now while you have it. Family is hard and i Know it but you just got to work through it. Maybe your little sister took your toy. Get over it! It does not matter! As I said worry about how you big brother is doing at his soccer game!(These are just random examples!) Family is Everything. Remember that always and forever!

Thank you, Llama


First Post!


EPSON DSC picture

Are you excited?


I so am! On my blog there will be pictures, facts, videos, and A LOT more! I am 9 years old soon to be 10! And if you know me then please do not call me by my real name! I have two dogs and five chickens! And please, no bad words or pictures that are… you know what I mean! I will send pictures of where I am and type about what I am doing! Please comment or ask what you want to hear. If you have a problem with friends or family,tell me. I may be a only child but that does not mean I do not have BFF problems! You can call me Llama or LL!(Laughing Llama!)And in the comments please do not type BIG stories or stories at all. No offense but this is MY blog and not anyone else’s. I will post at LEAST once a week SOMETIMES everyday but do not get your hopes up!

Thank you,Llama